Forgotten stitches

red-side-of-violaI have had my beady eye on some of the gorgeous red linen for a while and as it goes so beautifully with the red gingham seersucker we have in store, I felt a new Viola coming on.

There are not many skirts in my wardrobe, I have to confess, being more of a tunics and trousers kinda gal, but the Viola is such an easy shape to wear.


Checked Side of Viola .jpg

The red linen piping through the gingham really lifted it, but the plain red linen needed something to brighten it up a bit on the totally red side.

Red check Viola button detail.jpg

That is why I used the contrasting white stitching.

Red Viola buttons.jpg


I used stitch number 49 in my Janome DXL 603, although many other machines have similar stitches.

Red Viola hem stitching.jpg

This is one of those stitches you have on your machine but never use, there are quite a few. But it’s a really good idea every once in a while to just have a go with them and leave the samples on your pin board or next to your sewing projects.

That way they will be upper most in your mind when you come to sew your next project and are looking for that bit of extra something to add.

Happy sewing

Jules x

4 thoughts on “Forgotten stitches

  1. Did you finish your Viola woollen skirt? You had it started at the Harrogate show and inspired my friend and I to get the pattern and some wool fabric. My dilemma is what to put underneath as a lining!

    1. Hi Louise, yes it did get finished thank you. I think there is an image in our Instragram feed. We just used a light-weight cotton to line it but you could just use a normal dress lining fabric that is a bit silkier instead.

  2. I was just reading today’s (yesterday’s?) blog when I spotted this one. I’ve just published one myself in a very similar vein. Most of us have machines which offer masses of stitches but we only really use the utility ones. I’ve used this little ’star’ one myself, it’s nice to individualise garments using a decorative stitch, especially if it’s ’secret’ inside a garment and only you know it’s there!

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