Early One Morning…

Walton Hall Bridge

I must admit that when I have a day off I will try my best to have a lie -in, if at all possible. I suppose it’s the inner teenager in me that just wants to duck my head under the covers and shut out the world.

But having a proper day off also means I can do ‘other stuff’. Stuff that isn’t work or chores. So I agreed to get up early the other Sunday morning – yes I know those three words shouldn’t normally go together – and go for a walk with Charlie and some of the other *Clicks photographers.

I am so pleased I did.

It was a soft, misty morning at 7:30am when we met up at Walton Hall. The leaves were still changing from their Summer finery into the spectacular reds and golds of Autumn and it was pleasantly chilly.

Autumn leaves
2016-10-30 08.03.43.jpg
What’s the collective noun for a group of photographers?

A wonderfully slow amble took us through the woodland taking pictures of whatever took our fancy, trying to experiment with and capture all sorts of images.

2016-10-30 08.15.24.jpg
I think there might be something up there.


2016-10-30 08.05.47.jpg
Dew drops on a feather


2016-10-30 08.31.39.jpg
Is there something in the reeds?
2016-10-30 09.43.57.jpg
Iron work

2016-10-30 09.45.21 HDR.jpg

When we were all ‘ambled out’ a cooked breakfast at the Wellesbourne Airfield cafe revived us and I looked forward to the rest of the day.

Although I was reluctant to go and had to really work at getting out of bed that morning I am very grateful that I did. It had such a positive affect on the rest of my day. The memories of watching a group of swans take off from the glassy lake and circle around us or the pungent stink of a fungus we found at the bottom of a tree have remained much longer than any fuzzy thoughts I may have had hiding under my duvet.

So is it what we do that counts or what we don’t do? Being just that little bit out of my comfort zone made me enjoy the day and achieve a lot more than I would have thought.

Do you find this with your sewing?

Teaching the Love Your Overlocker workshop made me think about this, as often we have a new machine or sewing project to complete but are just a bit reluctant to get to grips with it. But once we do, it was really worth while.

Happy sewing

Jules x


*The Stratford Clicks is a friendly and informal photography group with both professional and amateur photographers who just like hanging out and getting nerdy about camera lenses.


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