How To Keep Warm – Skandi Style


I do rather like the cooler weather and the nights drawing in. It makes you want to retreat into your own home and cocoon yourself with blankets in front of the fire with a darn good box-set.

Having recently read A Year of Living Danishly I have realised that there is a name to the feelings I have each Autumn of wanting to bury myself beneath blankets and find comfort in a warming latte or lighting candles and drinking wine with my friends around the dinner table – it’s called Hygge.

We have all been doing it for ages, but now it has a name and has hit the spot light. Hygge is traditionally done with friends but you can enjoy hygge on your own too.


My personal bit of hygge is wrapping myself up in scarves,  (and those who know me know I do scarves!) and enjoying a creamy soya latte made with coffee from my friends at Monsoon Estates.

It’s about finding the positives in the normally negatively perceived long and cold winters and enjoying the simple everyday things. I find sewing for myself such a pleasure and I have earmarked another scarf to make up for myself in some laundered linen before it gets really cold.

How do you find a little bit of Hygge for yourself?



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