Is It Better To Make Or To Receive?


As the big day draws closer there is still time to get handy and make some Christmas presents. But are we putting pressure on ourselves to “hand make” everything? Do the people in our lives that don’t craft and make stuff really appreciate what we do?

Does it really matter that the hours of patience involved in creating a certain something for that certain someone go unrecognised?

I don’t think it does.

Surely it is the pleasure that we gain from the act of making that gives US as much pleasure as it does to the person receiving the gift. The more I sew and make things the more I come to realise how much that time benefits me in allowing me to have the time and space to think about ‘other stuff’ and to just enjoy that moment. At home we try and make as much stuff as we can for Christmas and other presents, partly because it’s cheaper, but also because it is a chance for me to engage with my kids. Who being teenagers find that a real chore, but at least it gives us a starting point. So this year as well as my sewing a few things we will also be baking, bottling, stirring and brewing.

Here are a few ideas you might like to try..

Chocolate honeycomb One of my favourite Christmas treats


Sewn Handwarmers Tutorial by Rae Ann Kelly


Pyramid purse Tutorial by Laura Stott for the Sewing Directory


Christmas Chutney Our very Own Mary Berry’s recipe


Infinity Scarf This one is from us


Crochet Facecloth Tutorial by Kate Alvis on Ravelry



Let us know what you’ve been making for Christmas.

Happy present making.


5 thoughts on “Is It Better To Make Or To Receive?

  1. I’ve started giving people vouchers for my time/help. Several of my friends have ask me to make minor alterations for them but then have felt like they shouldn’t bother me (they know how little time I have for sewing) so I’ve made up some vouchers to give them for Christmas – hopefully they will then feel able to redeem them and ask me to fix them hem on the dress that has been hiding at the back of their wardrobe for the last 2 years…

  2. A shop in my market town sorted through their Xmas decorations and asked if I could do something with some old baubles as they wouldn’t be using them any more. I upcycled them into a new Xmas wreath with some organza and a florist frame and at least these baubles have a new life and are back on display in their shop:)

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