Sewing Storage


I was having a really good sort out the other weekend and trying to find homes for all my sewing and yarn bits and pieces. I do realise I am incredibly lucky as I have an entire studio to be able to work in, but that is kind of “work”.

I still like to be able to sew and make things at home, I think making is just in my DNA, so I have been trying to find suitable receptacles to hold all the various gubbins I have. I wanted to avoid the usual but ever so practical plastic boxes and tubs as I wanted to have these containers on display and ready to hand whenever the mood to make takes me.

There is my little round basket, made by my very own hands no less, to hold all my sashiko embroidery threads and templates. I like the texture and feel of the willow and it’s very easy to tuck away onto a shelf if need be.


Then there is the vintage basket I have had so long I can’t remember where I actually got it. This holds my current knitting or crochet project and again I love the texture of the woven and plaited wicker. I was drawn to the bright yellow contrasting colour on the handles. I love yellow it is my favourite colour. My childhood home had a bright yellow front door so maybe it goes all the way back to then. I hope so.


The latest addition to my sewing storage is this beautiful hand crafted shaker sewing box. I fell in love with it at the local Artist and Makers sale Discover, Gather, Give in Stratford upon Avon, and it’s made by James Morgan. It has a smooth, tactile surface and intricately shaped joints on both the box and the lid. It is softly padded inside and it came with it’s own weighty pin cushion filled with sand to help sharpen your pins. It is almost too beautiful to use really and I am slightly reluctant to throw all my sewing paraphernalia in to it.


So maybe I’ll just leave it on the window seat for a while to look at and stroke occasionally before it becomes part of my sewing storage.


Where do you keep your sewing bits and pieces and why? I’d love to find out.

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