Calling New Pattern Testers!


Part of the plans we have for 2017 is to improve the processes and systems we have in place for producing our patterns. One of the tasks we have set ourselves is to increase the range of pattern testers we have in addition to the local ones in Stratford that help us out.

So if you’d like to be involved in helping us to make even better patterns please get in touch. We are not just looking for standard sized people but anyone who is interested in sewing – all shapes and sizes, skill levels and experience.

Let us know your email address and we will send you a Pattern Tester Info Form so we know all about you – what size you make, what your level of sewing is, whether you’ve pattern tested before, that kind of thing. You will receive a free copy, paper or PDF, of the final pattern as well as another pattern of your choice. We can also link back to your own website or blog when we promote the final pattern.

We have a very quick turnaround for the first pattern to be tested. With images and feedback to be returned to us by 22nd January. So that should give you just under three weeks to find the fabric, make up the pattern and send us your feedback. But it is a very quick pattern to put together!

Don’t worry if you can’t work around this particular time scale. Let us know if you’re interested in other patterns and we can let you know when we have the next one ready for testing.

I hope you can join the team and help us to make our patterns easier to make up and clearer to follow.

Thank you


21 thoughts on “Calling New Pattern Testers!

  1. Good morning and Happy New Year,

    I’m Karen and would love to be involved with your pattern testing.

    Do send through the Pattern Tester Info form – I’m a complete novice with regard to pattern testing, and a returner to sewing this past few years after a gap of WAY to long!

    Look forward to hearing from you,

    Kind regards Karen


  2. Hello, im a bridal designer/ theatrical costume tutor living in Stratford upon Avon and I would be very interested in doing pattern testing for you. I teach pattern cutting, fashion, corsetry, theatre costume and bag making City and Guilds in Redditch. I’m looking to branch out into teaching and working more locally so I would love to help out on this.
    Thank you
    Laura Callard

  3. Hi, if you’re still looking for pattern testers can you plese send me the form. I am an experienced sewer but recently broke my arm so am out of the loop for a few weeks. But I can always join in at a later date

  4. Hi, just come across this post via a link on Instagram. I’m too late for your first pattern but would be interested to be a pattern tester in the future if you need more. I worked in the fashion industry as a designer/pattern cutter many moons ago but have become quite rusty with sewing clothes and now make bags, purses etc for a local Country Market. (No fitting!) Let me know if you still need more testers. Karen

  5. Another late comer to this post …. are you still in need of testers? I’d have to consider myself a novice (grrrr, wanted to be a master by now!) but I love your patterns (oh, that blanket coat!) and would love to be a tester for you. Thank you! Jen

  6. I just found your blog, so am a late comer as well! I’d love to be a future pattern tester. I’ve been sewing for 50+ years, so consider myself quite experienced.

  7. I just found your blog (via Instagram) and love it! If you need any future pattern testers, I’d be quite interested. I’ve been sewing for 50+ years, so consider myself “experienced”. Email: ginny AT tidepool DOT com

  8. Are you still looking? Just visited you today at Olympia and bought 3 patterns, would love to test new ones for you!! Sew for myself and my 3 kids aged 1,4,6. Love your styles. 😍

  9. Hi Jules,
    If you are still looking for pattern testers I’d be very interested! I met you at Olympia and bought the Helena and Hero patterns. Looking forward to visiting your shop sometime soon as well. Best wishes..

  10. Hi, maybe it’s alredy too late but i would be happy to test sew for you. You can see some of my projects on instagram (@madebybabi).

    Have a nice evening

  11. Hi Jules, as discussed on on Instagram I’ve found the post about pattern testing:) I’ve sent you an email with my email address details. Thanks Alana (Gingerscraps)

  12. Another really late reply, but I’d love to get involved. Please get in touch whenever you need pattern testers.

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