What Is MY Style?


Last week I mulled over the idea that I was in a style rut and whether that was necessarily a bad thing. Thank you so much for your responses it looks like my ponderings have struck a chord so I thought I would start exploring further.

I wanted to have a go at really trying to define “My Style”. What we wear is almost a subconscious decision most of the time, you just grab what’s the easiest thing and go.  And I know that our preferences change with influences from the media and over time, but there must still be some core principles that remain true.

To help I went over the worksheet set by Colette in their Wardrobe Architect series to try and solidify what I think and feel about what I wear.  

And here are some of my answers…


I was always a bit of a Tomboy and had an equal love for a pair of favourite red corduroy dungarees and disdain for dresses and skirts. I also spent quite a few ‘fashion’ years just wearing black!


No longer a slave to fashion, I prefer to acknowledge the trends I like and enjoy but I’d much rather just be relaxed and easygoing about what I wear.


There are no real cultural aesthetics that I can draw on, or that restrict me in what I choose to wear. Or so I thought until I started chatting things over with The Bearded One. He reminded me that I was brought up in a reasonable affluent, mainly white, semi rural environment that wasn’t overly concerned with appearance, so maybe that has had more of an influence than I want to admit? 


I walk or cycle to work everyday and as I can no longer wear heels, practical shoes are the order of the day, usually brogues or trainers.


Stratford upon Avon where I live is a semi rural town in the middle of England. So I am in the middle a bit in terms of Urbane Sleek and Country Chic.


This category more than any other affects how I feel about myself and what influences the decisions I make about what to wear. I am no longer 25 years old or a size 10 and quite frankly, I have no wish to be. I am carrying more weight than I would like and no longer have a waist. Not that I ever really did. Well I had a flat stomach in my youth but I never really went ‘in’ at the waist. Which has led me to become more of an apple shape now in my middling years. However, I am pleased to admit that my arms and legs are still not bad!

I am planning on reviving my running routine this year, as part of an overall strategy to regain some control over aspects of my life and I am hoping that this will help to alter my body image and maybe even my shape as well. So I don’t mind exposing my arms and legs, as long as the rest of me is covered up.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Although this exercise didn’t really tell me anything I wasn’t already aware of I felt it was a good exercise to do to ‘just get it all down on paper’ (which is a strategy I am relying more and more upon to gain clarity on a whole range of things).


Why don’t you try it and see if it gives you some clarity too? You can print off the Worksheet and have a go.

Image taken from my Pinterest board and full credits can be found there. Link below.

Colette also suggested trying to come up with some descriptions of how you feel when you wear things you like and what would make you feel uncomfortable.

I want to feel…

Confident – being confident in what you wear allows you to think about other more important stuff.

Comfortable – comfort is a KEY element for me and directly linked to confidence

Natural – I want to look fresh and healthy

Timeless – Yves Saint Laurent said “Fashions fade, style is eternal.” So although I know my preferences will change over time, I still want to look current.

Quirky – the grown up version of rebellious, I think. I don’t need to shock anymore, but I do like to make people do a double take sometimes with something just a little bit out of the ordinary.


I don’t want to be…

Frumpy – Obviously!

Girly or cute – Frankly I’m too old and it doesn’t suit my cranky nature!

Fussy – Detail is fine, but I much prefer an uncluttered look.

“Done Up” – I like to look like I’ve made an effort but I feel really uncomfortable with too much make-up or styling.

“Shrunk wrapped” – Going back to the Body section previously, anything that is too body hugging, even with the right underwear, is just not me. I love the look of body-con dresses,  but they just make me feel self conscious. Although if I keep up the running who knows?!


I know I have used a couple of made up phrases here, but I hope you get my meaning. Also having a few ‘trigger’ words that you can be aware of when you’re thinking about your core style can help you decide if a shape or style is really you. Again there is a Wardrobe Architect Worksheet to help.

I came up with  5 words that I can use as a sort of filter to sift through pattern or design ideas when trying to define my own Style.


Simple         Cosy        Practical         Natural       Individual

My style blog Wk2 image 1.jpg

What 5 words would you use to describe your own style? I’d love to know so please add your words in the comment below.

I also have a Pinterest board with a few things that I feel define My Style of the moment, and actually I want it all! Have a look and let me know what you think.


9 thoughts on “What Is MY Style?

  1. Good heavens, you’ve said much that is exactly what I feel (except my barrel-shape does not have exposable limbs). My quandary seems to be love of tailored clothes that serve no purpose for me in retirement, but shapeless emphasizes my lack of shape. I’m drawn toward sweaters or soft tops, with jeans. Boring. (and not always flattering) Have downloaded the worksheets and will let you know what my “official” answers reveal. This should be fun.

  2. I think I need to do the Wardrobe Architect worksheets again. I did them at the time they were released, but still appear to be wearing the same boring jeans and sweaters and a few jersey dresses, despite having lots of lovely handmade things in my wardrobe. Whilst I have aspirations for a stylish, unique wardrobe at the moment comfort wins every time. I need to find a way to combine the two…

  3. I agree with so much of what you say Jules and the word that jumped out to me most clearly was ‘quirky’ I’ve realised that my (early….ok, nearly mid-) fifties are finally the time I’ve been able to embrace my inner quirk! I always felt a bit restricted by my upbringing (conservative, small c) and life choices which, like you, were very happy and fortunate but restricting none the less. However the outer me didn’t particularly represent the inner me, she does rather more so now though, most obviously in the form of the pink fringe! I wanted to do this decades ago but there was always someone else (generally employers) who’s good opinion mattered more than my freedom of choice. Not any more thankfully. My clothing choices are still not clearly delineated but if I can add a pair of silver brogues or funky earrings to an outfit then so much the better…I’m still as much a work in progress as I’ve ever been, just a bit more liberated by encroaching old age!!

  4. Ha Ha Deborah maybe we were! I am loving all of your comments and I think that comfort and style are not mutually exclusive. Maybe it’s just a question of maybe finding your inner quirk! 🙂

  5. Absolutely ditto to all you said and much of the content of your other readers comments…..Wonder if age has anything to do with it. I get so fed up with clothes and shopping I now rely on 5white t shirts 4 pairs of jeans and a couple of fleece tops…. doesn’t make me fix with excitement but life is simple🙂 I do like your patterns though so.maybe I could try to spritze things up a bit with them. Lovely blog btw.

  6. Jules this was so much fun to read – had to say 🙂 I’m 62 so you can imagine my “style” has been rather solidified by now. Has it changed much? Not really which is how I identified with much of what you said! I’ve always preferred comfort above all else (my mother’s and Rousseau’s influence definitely – I can hear her voice in my ear when I say that), neat meaning I like everything matching colour-wise or if they don’t, it LOOKS deliberate, scarves, hats and gloves ALWAYS. What I typically wear and make are tunics and cropped tops to wear with slim pants and skirts, sweaters in the winter (I live in Victoria BC Canada and we have winters very much like the UK). I’ve experimented over the years but I seem to always default back to this outfit so why fight it? 🙂 I think it suits me, it’s comfortable and practical and it means I can dress confidently without fidgeting and feeling self conscious – I don’t want what I’m wearing to absorb too much brain power in the moment. I like to be present with what is happening – engaging with people in an authentic way and not having to mind my clothing so it must fit RIGHT that’s 3rd and for sure why I sew 🙂

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