Love What You Do, Do What You Love


As part of trying to gain a bit more control over various aspects of my life this year I have been completing the Five Minute Journal where everyday I enter the positive things that have happened to me and things that I am grateful for. I must admit when I was first introduced to it it felt a bit ‘false’ filling in the same sections everyday but I have persevered and it does make me feel just a smidge happier every morning when I’m reminded about the positive stuff in my life – family, friends, good health, work, a great cup of coffee in the morning…


One thing I have noticed is that things do get repeated and one of the things I am repeatedly grateful for is my work. At a networking meeting last week I was asked what I do. So I explained and the response was, “Wow, how great to be able to do what you love!”

Yes it is, and I do realise that I am incredibly lucky to be able to earn money doing something that I really enjoy. I realise this isn’t necessarily the case for everyone and I have had to earn a living doing  jobs I haven’t enjoyed in the past too and I was reminded of something my Grandmother used to say as well…

Love what you do, do what you love.

Although this can be taken in a literal way I’m sure she meant this in a wider sense.

It could be an almost a self fulfilling phrase. Love is a verb as well as an adjective. In the immortal words of Massive Attack – “love, love is a verb, love is a doing word”


I have tried explaining to my son who does not enjoy formal education and bucks any attempt to make him conform that maybe just enjoying what you are doing in that moment is enough.

If you try and actively love what you are doing, maybe you’ll end up loving what you do?


It can work with sewing too. I used to hate having to unpick my mistakes with a fearsome loathing when I did sewing and needlework at school. But I have come to understand it’s purpose now and in the time I take to unpick some stitches I have the space to think about how I can improve upon what I’ve done. I can totally get where my needlework teacher was coming from when she used to say “unpicking is good for the soul!” Although I wouldn’t go quite as far as to say I actually loved unpicking now!

What parts of what you do, do you love and where could you love a little more?


Because a little bit of love can go a long way and heaven knows the world could do with some right now!


Jules x

7 thoughts on “Love What You Do, Do What You Love

  1. Lovely post! What do I love? Well, being retired and taking care of my mom has been a new experience for me. And somewhat challenging. I’m trying to write more, by writing 3 pages of just anything every day. Perhaps I’ll incorporate your 5 good things into each day’s musings. I love how tidy your sewing space is, and your absolute joyful demeanor at the machine! 😀

  2. So lovely to do a job that you love especially when it’s creative and helping others find confidence for their own creativity. Visited the shop last Thurs (you told us where Costa was) , we returned and bought patterns , fabric and enjoyed trying on the dresses and trousers that were made up . That was so helpful in deciding what size to make up . We were helped by a lovely friendly lady , so nice to talk about fabric, colours and dressmaking in general .such a pity I’m moving to Norfolk , would have loved to have visited again . Will look out for you at the shows .

  3. Really interesting and thoughtful post. I try to love what I do, but it’s kind of hard when you spend hours of your working day sitting in the car on the M25! I guess the positive to that is that I get to listen to what I want to on the radio.

  4. Thank you for such a sweet post! I’ve just found your blog and you have a lovely writing style.

    I’ve recently discovered that I love drafting, though I still have a lot to learn to get any good at it. I’ve learnt to love tying up and snipping my loose threads, which used to bore me to tears, but is now a welcome bit of thinking time between different stages of a project.

  5. I have started a gratitude diary too it certainly helps keep me positive and thankful for everything I have. I am so lucky to do a job I love that also fits around the kids lives (although it is hard work sometimes!)

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