After the Sewing Retreat

Sewing Retreat Feb 2018 Web Images-0020We have had a couple of major events back to back hence the time it’s taken to put fingers to keyboard and blog about the wonderful weekend we had on the Sewing Retreat.

It really was a weekend of sewing bliss. I firmly believe everyone learnt from it too, including Claire-Louise and me.

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I can still teach and drink coffee!
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No, It really will work if you do it like this, trust me I’m a pattern cutter!

There was a diverse range of projects on the go from day one including, trousers, jackets, a coat, a jumpsuit, various tops and even children’s wear too, which reflected the different levels of ability and sewing confidence. It also kept CL and me on our toes as we never knew what was going to be asked of us – just the way we liked it!

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Nicky’s jumpsuit.
Sewing Retreat Feb 2018 Web Images-1041
Gillian’s trousers.

It was also a great opportunity to see how others dealt with the tricky issues of fit. Because let’s face it there is rarely a pattern out there that doesn’t require some form of major adjustment or even minor tweak somewhere. There were more than several occasions where a small group had gathered to talk through some fit challenges faced by someone in particular. Claire-Louise and I helping them sort out their own problems definitely helped the others see their way through some thorney sewing and fitting issues too. Sharing different methods of alterations and pattern adjustments helped us all make more sense of our own body shapes and how we fit our own clothes better.

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It was also lovely to be able to see another professional tackle sewing challenges as well. Having two heads come at the same problem from different perspectives I think really helped the Retreaters make sense of things too. I felt reassured by CL being there, and although from different backgrounds, mine fashion and  CL costume, seeing her deal with issues in a similar way affirmed my own way of sewing and teaching style.

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I know there’s a camera in my face but I’m going to ignore it!

Sewing Retreat Feb 2018 Web Images-0911

Several of the early risers made use of the pool for a refreshing swim before breakfast and on Saturday night some of the retreaters returned to the sewing room after dinner and they kept us there until gone 10:30pm! Hardcore sewing! But that is what the luxury of a retreat is all about. You could sew as much or as little as you wished and we were there to help every step of the way.

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The response from the lovely ladies on the retreat has been overwhelmingly positive. All have enjoyed their weekend and learnt things they never knew before. Their confidence has grown and they have achieved even more than they’d hoped.

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We have also learnt from the weekend and will be able to improve on this one for the NEXT Sewing Retreat.

Yes, we are going to do this all over again in August. So if you weren’t able to join us in February, come and sew with us over August Bank Holiday. If you want to treat yourself, improve your sewing and meet some wonderful people you will not be disappointed!

Book here to secure your place!

See you in August!

Jules x

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  1. Nicely summed-up, Jules! Nice to read your perspective on the weekend. It was a really good mix of people and I am sure we all went home having learnt new tips and tricks, regardless of our mixed abilities and experience with sewing. Adjusting my jumpsuit and dress toiles taught me so much (credit to CL for her patience with all the questions that I had!). I am going to try to pass on what I learnt to my friend who is doing a sew-along with me on the jumpsuit, so she can learn what I was taught too. Good luck with the one in August, and hope to see you again at another retreat in the future. Nicky

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