We are in our New Home!

Our signs will be going up next week.

At last we have moved the entire contents of the shop and everything else we have over to the new, even bigger studio space. Information on how to find us is on our Contact Page

The tables are set up, the machines working, the tea is in the pot and the printers fired up! Hat’s off the the SMS ladies who worked so hard and were totally awesome at moving us lock, stock and very large printer into the new studio.


We’ve already had our first SASSY Club and I’ve been teaching on a couple of workshops too. The feedback we’ve had on the new environment has been wonderfully positive!

So it’s the same as before – but a little bit different.

You can still purchase your favourite fabrics, haberdashery and patterns from our online shop, but we are no longer operating an ‘open door’ shop, nine to five, five days a week. We will be increasing the number of products that will be available online to ensure that you have everything you need to make up any of our patterns. And if you do a workshop with us, you can buy anything we’ve got online, there and then!


Doing this means that we have a lot more time to devote to designing and creating more patterns for you to enjoy making and wearing. We can write, photograph and even film more tutorials to help you improve your sewing and become confident creating your own handmade wardrobe.

And this is the most exciting thing for me. I really enjoy teaching some of the sewing and pattern cutting workshops we run, but I appreciate that only a small percentage of you can physically come and join us. So being able to focus on producing more in-depth tutorials and even online video versions of some of our workshops and courses is our goal for the coming months. We already have the next pattern ready and waiting for you and it’ll be available very soon.


Another wonderful thing about our new workshop and studio space is that we can now separate the different parts of the business. Although Sew Me Something was how we started, we have been offering different types of workshops, not just sewing, for a while. And we want to be able to continue and develop this by providing a space for different types of craft and creative workshops to run.  We are all aware of the positive benefits craft, making things and generally getting creative has on our wellbeing and we want to be able to offer alternatives to sewing.


Yes, there really are some people who prefer to do other crafts! Shocking, I know!

With this in mind we will be working with other creatives to provide workshops in photography, lino cutting, weaving and a whole host of other things too. Now as we are going to be doing more than just sewing in our new workshop space, we thought we might give it a more appropriate name – so we have called it The Makers’ Space.

Makers Space Branding [Recovered]

So you’ll be able to Sew Me Something at The Makers’ Space. Or learn to crochet at the Makers’ Space, or get to grips with your DSLR camera at The Maker’s Space, or even create stained glass Christmas decorations at The Makers’ Space. Sew Me Something is still here too, but we’ll be upstairs creating and developing new ideas and patterns for you to enjoy.

We are aiming for The Makers’ Space to become Your space to learn, create, have a great time and even make new friends. So watch this space and we shall keep you posted on what’s coming soon.

If there is anything you’d like to learn or to find out more about, or even if you would like to run a workshop with us do let us know. We always love to hear from you.


Jules x


6 thoughts on “We are in our New Home!

  1. Sounds like a really wonderful place and space! How I wish I lived near Stratford so I could regularly take advantage of all that you offer. Looking forward now, to receiving my new pattern and getting started with that

  2. Looks great – I shall watch your progress with interest and look forward to the new patterns!

  3. Jules it was great to spend the weekend sewing your Julia dress. I loved every minute and learning from you was brilliant. I look forward to what The Makers Space has to offer in the future and wish you all well. Ps pix of the said dress to follow … x

  4. It was great to spend a day learning to sew a clerical t-shirt – what a lovely space in an amazing location. Looking forward to when I can come and join you again.

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