Why I Love My Sewing Gauge

Measuring ah hem with a sewing gauge
It’s brilliant at remembering measurements with its little red slider.

I have had my sewing gauge for quite some time now. In fact I can’t actually remember purchasing it or even when it came to live in my sewing box it’s been around for so long. But I wouldn’t be without it now.

I always have it with reach, next to my machine or over on the ironing board. Tape measures are great particularly when worn as a skinny fashion accessory around your neck, but a proper metal sewing gauge is just that bit easier to pick up and use. Especially when it has that lovely little red slider that will remember how deep your hem is even if you forget. 

But this is also a Multi Tool! Measuring is only one of its many uses. I love the point at the end which is perfect for using as a point turner and pushing out little corners. It is pointy enough but with a rounded tip so it won’t poke through your fabric.  

The funny horseshoe shape at the other end is actually a button shank spacer. Yes who knew that was even a thing! There are two of them so you can use it ‘double height’ or slide one out of the way if you have a smaller button to sew on. Laying the button over the top of the horseshoe and sewing through the gap will lift the button off the fabric slightly. So you can wind the sewing thread around the thread shank to allow the opposite side of  the garment to sit nice and flat underneath the button when it’s buttoned up. How fabulous is that!

You can even use this wonderful invention to draw circles just like a pair of compasses. The outer corners of the little red slider have a hole in them so you can pop a pin through that to hold it in place at the centre of your soon to be drawn circle. Just under the point of the sewing gauge there is another slightly larger hole, you can put your marker pen through this hole to draw out the circle ready for cutting out. Genius!

You really need one of these in your sewing kit and to make more use of it. So if you haven’t got one already, You can. . . .

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4 thoughts on “Why I Love My Sewing Gauge

  1. Hi Been looking at this and the sort of jigsaw shaped ones. I was actually going to buy one of the jigsaw shaped ones when I read your article and did wonder what your thoughts were or if both had place.

  2. Thank you for explaining what else I can do with this tool apart from measuring a hem 😀

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