How Our New Size Ranges Work

You may have noticed that for our first patterns of 2021 we have increased our size ranges. This is something I have wanted to do for a while now, but with wearing so many hats running a business it has meant that this project has had to go on the back burner while dealing with everything else. 

One of the upsides to the COVID 19 pandemic is that I have had more time to work on projects that had been shelved, as we were unable to run workshops or attend shows. 

This has meant I could focus on increasing our size range. We really wanted to be as inclusive as we possibly could as we know how important and empowering it can be to make and wear your own clothes, whatever shape or size you are.

So we have created two size ranges to better reflect the body shapes of our customers – Misses and Curvy.

Misses is drafted to a C cup size and starts at a UK 8 going up to a UK 20

Curvy is drafted to a DD cup size and starts at a UK 18 going up to a UK 30

The Curvy is drafted so there is less of a difference between the bust, waist and hips reflecting a fuller waist and hip in relation to the bust measurement. And the Misses is drafted for a shape with a greater difference between the bust waist and hip. These measurements are based on anthropometric data gathered to create a better fit for each size. 

Having two separate size ranges means we can better cater for the customised changes better suited to each size range. For example, some styles will be better with bust darts for a large cup size. Having separate patterns layouts and instructions means it is much easier for us to include these small nuances to each size range to help you make better fitting clothes. 

The body measurements of each size range are below.

There is a slight overlap with the sizes 18 and 20, so it is best to go with what you know about your own body, if you have a slightly fuller waist or cup size, then opt for the Curvy range as you will have a slightly larger waistline in relation to the bust and hip already incorporated into the pattern sizes. 

You can still blend between sizes to make sure you get a better fit. For Dresses and Tops choose the size that is closest to your bust measurement and cup size, and for Trousers and Skirts choose the size that matches your waist to hip ratio.

All our patterns from January 2021 will be drafted to our new size ranges. So you will be able to choose which one you purchase or download. I hope the changes we have made will enable more people to make up and enjoy our patterns.

Happy Sewing!

Jules x

5 thoughts on “How Our New Size Ranges Work

  1. I can’t thank you enough for this new size range, I’m really looking forward to ordering and making my next pattern.

  2. Hi Jules

    I’ve only just seen the notice of the new size ranges, do you have an idea of when the patterns will be available to purchase.

    I already have quite a few of your patterns and am always on the look out for new ones (much to my husband’s chagrin).

    Awaiting your reply in anticipation.

    Many and kind regards

    Marina Oxley

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