How to Sew an Infinity Scarf


I have been playing around with some of the new fabrics and trims we have in store. The Beatrice Pinafore is one of my favourite patterns at the moment and I love it but felt it needed something to finish it off.

Those of you who know me also know I LOVE scarves, and wear them all the time. I just adore that snuggled up feeling. So of course I had to make a scarf to go with the Beatrice Pinafore and this is what I did…

You will need:



0.40m of 140cm wide fabric

2.80m of pompom trim (Or twice the width of your fabric)

Matching thread



Sewing machine

Making up the Scarf

Turn under 1cm along both the long edges and press in place.


Turn up another 1cm and press that in place too.

Ininfity scarf 3.jpg

Now slide the pompom trim under the turned up hem. Try to enclose the braid part so just the pompoms peep out. Pin in place.

Infinity scarf 5.JPG

Fold the hem back on itself so that the pompom trim is tucked inside the pleat and pin so that the pompoms just hang over the edge of the scarf.

Infinity scarf 6.JPG

Edge stitch along the open edge of the pleat to hold the pompom trim in place, I used a zipper foot to get in nice and close to the pompoms.

Infinity scarf 7.JPG

Sew the two short edges together right sides facing each other. Trim down one side of the seam allowance by half.


Press the wider seam allowance to one side over the shorter one.

Infinity scarf 9.jpg

Fold under the wider seam allowance so all the raw edges are tucked inside. Pin in place.

Infinity scarf 10.jpg

Edge stitch along the folded under seam allowance.

This is called an overlaid seam and is the same as the ones you find on jeans. It’s very strong and ideal for enclosing all the raw edges.

Infinity scarf 11.jpg

Give it all a good press and wear your scarf with pride.




You don’t have to use pompom trim, anything that will define the edges of the scarf would be fine, ric-rac or even some vintage lace would look great.

If you fancy giving one of these as a gift or even making one for yourself you can purchase the Infinity Scarf Kit made with our gorgeous Laundered Linens from our online Store.

Happy Sewing!